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Our Team

R. Edward Gardener
VP of Operations/ General Manager

Ed has been a member of the ECG team for 20 years.  As graduate of Elizabethtown College, a member of IBEW and a member of the Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee, Ed’s 38 years of industry experience bring a high level of professional expertise to his leadership role within the company.  Ed has overseen projects valued from $20,000 to upwards of $10 million.  His involvement in each project ranges from network engineering and design through process control and electrical installation.  Whether it be a typical office buildout or an oil refinery, Ed successfully leads his team through completion.

Vince Penecale
Sr. Project Manager

Vince brings 35 years of industry experience to the table, 19 of which he has spent as a member of the ECG team.  He is heavily involved in the design and estimating process, with continued involvement as a project manager to ensure quality control.  One of Vince’s most notable projects was the Prudential Launch Pad Project, which included the oversight and management 443 office locations nationwide with over 15,390 cables installed. 

Wayne Mill
Project Purchasing/ Inside Project Coordinator

Wayne has been with ECG for over 19 years.  He provides purchasing and coordination for projects valued at up to $10 million.  He also assists the company with day to day operations.

Pat Thomas
Onsite Project Superintendent

Pat keeps ECG projects on schedule with superior onsite management. With 25 years experience, 18 of which are with ECG, this IBEW/Sound and Communication veteran has vast knowledge in the tele/data networking world, primarily in the pharmaceutical, education and healthcare industries.  Pat oversees projects from daily maintenance requests up to $3 million.

Ash Eskendar
Network Engineer

Ash has been with the company for 19 of his 20 years in the industry.  SInce joining the company, he has overseen all projects assigned to the Johnson and Johnson network team.

Rich Groff
Onsite Project Superintendent

Rich brings 32 years of experience as a member of IBEW/Sound and Communication.  For the last 14 years, he has focused on the management of ECG’s tele/data networking projects including multifloored fit outs, pharmaceutical and educational institutions ranging from daily maintenance to projects upwards of $3 million.

Doug Gardener
Onsite Project Superintendent

Doug leads his team with 28 years industry experience and a member of IBEW/S&C.  He’s been on the ECG team for 18 years focused on projects for financial institutions, multifloored fit outs, pharmaceutical companies and educational institutions.  He oversees tele/data networking projects ranging from daily maintenance to $3 million.

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